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My Internship Changed What I Thought I Knew About Cancer

My Internship Changed What I Thought I Knew About Cancer

The following blog was written by Juliet Zymeck, a Summer 2017 intern at Squeaky. 

When I started interning for Squeaky, I had no idea how eye-opening it would be. My role was as the IHadCancer (IHC) team’s intern. When I found this out, I was excited to continue to be a supporter of the cancer community but I thought it would be like all of my other cancer-related experiences. I expected the exposure to the cancer community would be the same as it was when I fundraised in the past. I had no idea what I was getting myself into.

Up until this summer, I had always thought of myself as an ally to those who are fighting or had fought cancer. In high school, I would participate in my town’s Relay for Life event. In fact, I was team captain for three years. I took great pride in that position, deeming myself a fellow cancer warrior, not for fighting the disease myself, but for fighting to help raise money to help others. Preparations for the event began in February and ended in June. As the summer came into view, I could wipe my hands clean of the thoughts of cancer and enjoy the next few months in the sun.  

Luckily, only one close person in my life had cancer. My grandmother was diagnosed in January 2007 with Stage 4 Lung Cancer and passed away a short three months later. I was only in fourth grade at the time, so my understanding of the disease, or any disease for that matter, was limited. However, the word “cancer” wasn’t unfamiliar to me, even at that age. Two of my childhood friends lost parents to cancer by then. I don’t remember much about the medical part of cancer; it was the emotional impact it had on everyone else around me that stands out, and lasted long after my grandmother’s passing. Being so young, time has healed the wounds left by the loss of my grandmother. Cancer became something I could pack in a box and put away when I didn’t want to think about it and bring it back out for fundraising events.

IHC is different from any “cancer world” I had been exposed to before. It isn’t a faded childhood memory or a well-thought-out, edited speech at a fundraiser that skimmed over the reality of the effects of the disease. IHC is raw, emotional, and honest. It doesn’t hold back or shield the audience from unpleasant truths. It’s not that I had never heard of cancer, but in that moment, it became real. Almost too real.

It was hard to read stories that often didn’t have happy endings. They weren’t the classic narrative of a person who simply defeated cancer with tons of support, then went on to become a survivor who lived this fabulous life of badassery. They were stories of real people. Sometimes, they did have this happy narrative, but most didn’t. Dozens of blogs were about life after cancer.

Um —  “life after cancer”? Shouldn’t that just be amazing?

That’s what the classic narrative would have you think. IHC revealed a community of survivors who didn’t all feel like heros. It has some members who still struggled tremendously with health issues directly caused by cancer treatments, some who even said that life after cancer was harder to deal with than life with cancer. It wasn’t pleasant to read, but it was the truth. I finally felt that I was starting to understand the disease in a more legitimate way.

The first few weeks were difficult, but then I started getting emails back from the authors of these stories. They were so thankful for the IHC team for giving them a voice they didn’t know they could have. Their excitement radiated from the computer screen and I couldn’t help but nearly jump out of my chair with excitement too (which one of my fantastic coworkers documented!). I knew that the mental toughness I needed to work on this team was incomparable to the toughness of these fighters and survivors, so I could handle it. Maybe some of them don’t feel like heroes, but they certainly are in my eyes.  

Everyday that I have interned for the IHC team this summer has been an absolute privilege. The extraordinary women who run this site are the most incredible teachers and supporters. The people in this community inspire me to live my best life and not to take anything for granted. I hope that everyone who cares about the cancer community continues to help fundraise, and I hope no one has to deal with cancer head-on.

But, most importantly, I hope that supporters will start to really listen to cancer fighters and survivors, hear their unedited story, and try their best to understand what it would be like to say, “I had cancer.”


Office By Day, Music Venue By Night: Squeaky x SoFar NYC

Office By Day, Music Venue By Night: Squeaky x SoFar NYC

If you’ve ever been to Squeaky- or bopped around to our “hold” music when giving us a call- you know that music is central to our culture. That’s why we love transforming the office into a concert venue to enjoy Sofar Sounds shows. Our first show was in 2016, and we were blown away by the talent that SoFar brought into our space.  As our founder Anthony said in a recent interview with SoFar, “When we did our first show the evening was so electric that I was hooked and looked for ways for us to do more.  There have been some great performances here, and I think it’s important to in some small way help the artists celebrate their gifts.  I just love people on their grind and love discovery, so I adore everything Sofar is about.”

As a host, we welcome dozens of strangers into our home – both fellow New Yorkers, and travelers who incorporate SoFar as a staple when exploring of a new city. Together, we share in a musical rarity – to enjoy a night of music that isn’t disrupted by peopling talking through sets and long, noisy lines at overpriced bars.  Plus, we get to discover up and coming artists whose talent is so raw and fresh, that it is truly inspiring to witness. Take YEBBA, for example. At the time of her Squeaky performance, she went by Abbey, and had never performed and original song in front of an audience. Her nerves were evident – Anthony even had to give her an extra little push to get up on stage.

And then this happened:

In the time that has passed since that performance, she has transformed into an artist who Ed Sheeran mentions on the radio, opens up for Chance The Rapper and performs on Saturday Night Live. We were able to be there for her very first moments and to provide her with the stage, thanks to SoFar.

And here are a few of the other amazing artists we’ve had grace our space with beautiful sound (click the links to watch their powerful performances):

Thank you, SoFar, for bringing the magic back into live music.

Photo Credit: Photos courtesy of SoFar Sounds photographers, including Cheyenne Cohen and Carmen Gonzalez. 

Diversity: Talk It Together, Walk It Together – At ADCOLOR 2017

Diversity: Talk It Together, Walk It Together – At ADCOLOR 2017

As the agencies who define the messaging and communications for our clients, we are given enormous responsibility. We are entrusted to craft the right message that moves the needle to sell products and, just as importantly, enables brands to speak to each consumer in a way that actually means something. The responsibility to move the conversation toward inclusion and acceptance is necessary. And it is possible. But we need to have the hard conversations first, and, we need to have them now.

That’s why I’ll be at the ADCOLOR Conference & Awards next week. It’s one of the most important conferences that our industry has to offer, and considering what’s going on in our country today, it’s one that has the best chance to make the biggest societal impact. It’s also one that was void of many of the same brands who tout their public commitment to diversity last year.

But this year, it’s sold out.  Tiffany R. Warren, the founder and president of ADCOLOR, is someone that we all have admired for quite some time now. When she called me last week to inform me that this year’s conference is completely sold out, she mentioned that there were many people who referenced an article I wrote after returning from last year’s ADCOLOR as the impetus behind wanting to join in the conversation. In the article, I challenged all the agencies and brands that didn’t show up – the ones who talk the talk, but don’t walk the walk. I am overjoyed that in some small part my excitement about last year’s event might have helped nudge a few new attendees, but saddened by the reality that the real credit likely goes to the tumultuous year that we’ve all experienced – whether you subscribe to real news, fake news, or any news for that matter. People are either fighting to hold on to an America driven by fear and exclusion, or simply angry and confused as they strive for hope and inclusion.

ADCOLOR has the ability to remind us that our industry, along with technology, is one of the few that can ensure that every voice is not only heard, but is accounted for. I’ve said it once and I’ll stay it again: the bottom line is that diversity is not a Black thing, a Latino thing, an Asian thing, an LGBTQ+ thing, or a white thing. It’s an American thing. Diversity is the fabric of our country and it should be the fabric of your brand or agency.

So, that’s what I’ll be doing next week – in a room full of people who come from a wide range of backgrounds, experiences, religions, sexual orientations, and even New Jersey.  I hope you’ll be joining me.

See you in LA, or on the interwebs.

Social Media 101 for Financial Executives

Social Media 101 for Financial Executives

Social media and the finance industry may not sound like a natural fit, but many financial institutions are starting to recognize the opportunities it can provide. The following document provides an overview of the current social media platforms and the ways in which they can be leveraged both for businesses and executives. It outlines best practices and tips for utilizing social to increase exposure, foster trust, establish thought leadership and enhance client relationships. Downloading this guide will help you better understand how to navigate and take advantage of the social media landscape, even within the restrictions of compliance.

Click here to download Social Media 101 for Financial Executives.

This document was originally created for Financial Executives International.