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April Fools’ Gold

Not every brand has the resources that Google does to dedicate towards such a large scale, multi-pronged approach to April Fools’ Day on the Internet. However, there are other stars that we thought stood out from the crowd.  Here’s our roundup of 2013′s Fools’ Gold:

1. Scope’s ‘Bacon’ for breath that sizzles. No pigs were harmed in the making.
Scope, Bacon, April Fool's Day

2. Kayak’s new dating service. Now you can find affordable flights and “Men Who Like Women and Cats” all in one go.
Kayak, Dating, April Fool's Day

3. Trader Joe’s spicy recipes. Sriracha Soda Float, mmm.
Trader Joe's, Sriracha, April Fool's Day

4. Meowberlin. The only institution where a top-ranked liberal arts college and a world-renowned conservatory of music share a seamless student culture & campus… and cats.
Oberlin, Meowberlin, April Fool's Day

Bacon, dating, sriracha and kittens? Happy April Fools’ Day indeed.