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[INFOGRAPHIC] ALS #IceBucketChallenge

Over the past few weeks, social media has been overrun by the #icebucketchallenge, the viral campaign meant to raise awareness for ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis). As digital natives, marketers and social media-addicts, we’ve been enthralled and intrigued by the virality of this campaign.  Now that it’s settling down and our newsfeeds are going back to cat videos and Buzzfeed articles with The Most Overdramatic Headline You Will Ever See In  Your Whole Life Ever, we’ve spent some time looking at the numbers and created an infographic that makes it easier to understand the magnitude of the #icebucketchallenge but, more importantly, the devastating effects of the disease that it has shed light on.


Some say that it is narcissism masked as philanthropy, others say that even if that’s true, it shouldn’t matter because it raised millions of dollars. Did everyone who dumped water over their head donate? Probably not. Is it unethical to waste perfectly good water when countries all over the world have no access to clean water? Well, we wouldn’t be shipping that water to them anyways, so…probably not, but maybe the California drought could use some more. You could always do as one of our sales team did and go run underneath some regenerated water…or pull a Matt Damon and head straight to your toilet. 

We say that whether you love the #icebucketchallenege phenomenon or you hate it, it’s worth talking about because it very may well change the course of charitable fundraising from here on out.

Women You Need to Know NYC

Women You Need to Know NYC #WomenInComm

At Squeaky, we are fortunate to work with and be influenced by smart women on a daily basis. These women (including our co-founder Mailet Lopez) are entrepreneurs, thought leaders and business owners…and never run out of energy or insight when they’re in a room together.  However, unfortunately, it appears to us that this doesn’t happen often enough. While there are plenty of conferences, seminars and networking events in New York City, there aren’t many events specifically catered to successful women.

So, as an agency with a majority of female employees, we decided to do something about it. We ideated an event that would break the mold of the typical networking event filled with entry-level women looking for jobs. Instead, ours would be built around quality connections and encourage a free flow of ideas among exceptional women.

As we began planning, we knew that we couldn’t be the only people out there who wanted to bring women together like this, so we searched for another agency to partner with. As soon as we approached J Public Relations, a female-owned and operated travel public relations agency, it was clear that they were just as excited and eager to make this event happen as we were. Together, we pooled our resources to plan the first-ever ‘Women You Need To Know’ event.

After months of planning, the night we were all waiting for finally happened on Wednesday, July 10th and it’s safe to say that we have never been in the presence of so many talented women at one time. As soon as they started arriving, the conversation (and drinks) started flowing. It was clear that these women didn’t need any panels, presentations or nametags – after all, they’ve built careers on their ability to make connections and share ideas.

With the help of Tequila Avión, Brooklyn Winery, Suja Juices and Uber, we were able to provide delicious drinks and easy transportation to and from the Squeaky loft, and even had DJ Oui Oui (a Squeaky project manager by day) on the 1′s and 2′s to set the mood.

The event was a great success and we have plans to continue the ‘Women You Need to Know’ series, so be sure to stay tuned! Check out photos from the event on our Facebook page.