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Office By Day, Music Venue By Night: Squeaky x SoFar NYC

Office By Day, Music Venue By Night: Squeaky x SoFar NYC

If you’ve ever been to Squeaky- or bopped around to our “hold” music when giving us a call- you know that music is central to our culture. That’s why we love transforming the office into a concert venue to enjoy Sofar Sounds shows. Our first show was in 2016, and we were blown away by the talent that SoFar brought into our space.  As our founder Anthony said in a recent interview with SoFar, “When we did our first show the evening was so electric that I was hooked and looked for ways for us to do more.  There have been some great performances here, and I think it’s important to in some small way help the artists celebrate their gifts.  I just love people on their grind and love discovery, so I adore everything Sofar is about.”

As a host, we welcome dozens of strangers into our home – both fellow New Yorkers, and travelers who incorporate SoFar as a staple when exploring of a new city. Together, we share in a musical rarity – to enjoy a night of music that isn’t disrupted by peopling talking through sets and long, noisy lines at overpriced bars.  Plus, we get to discover up and coming artists whose talent is so raw and fresh, that it is truly inspiring to witness. Take YEBBA, for example. At the time of her Squeaky performance, she went by Abbey, and had never performed and original song in front of an audience. Her nerves were evident – Anthony even had to give her an extra little push to get up on stage.

And then this happened:

In the time that has passed since that performance, she has transformed into an artist who Ed Sheeran mentions on the radio, opens up for Chance The Rapper and performs on Saturday Night Live. We were able to be there for her very first moments and to provide her with the stage, thanks to SoFar.

And here are a few of the other amazing artists we’ve had grace our space with beautiful sound (click the links to watch their powerful performances):

Thank you, SoFar, for bringing the magic back into live music.

Photo Credit: Photos courtesy of SoFar Sounds photographers, including Cheyenne Cohen and Carmen Gonzalez.