The Adventures of Chippy Part 3: The Dog Days of Summer

It’s been a gajillion degrees out and the dog days of summer are upon us, so we figured it’s about time for some fun. Even Chippy, Squeaky’s top dog, gets to partake in the fun from time to time. Ever since he explored his inner hipster in Williamsburg and caught up on his Spanish lessons in Washington Heights, he’s been itching for another adventure with a member of the Squeaky fam. So when Squeaky designer, Olivia, said she was headed to Fire Island, Chippy quickly packed up his sunblock, towel and hopped in her beach bag.

With an early start to a perfect beach day, Chippy couldn’t wait to bust out his new shades and Squeaky beach ball for some fun in the sun. Squeaky Beach Ball As always, Chippy was never too far from his comfort zone, and was ready to take over the beach as the top boogie-boarder on Fire Island (is there anything Chippy can’t do?). Chippy Boogie Board His boogie-board skills caught the attention of a lovely chiweenie named Lola, who came by to set up her towel next to his. Chippy Meets Lola Chippy soon turned up the charm and went from the usual getting-to-know you chit chat to sharing a slice or two of watermelon. Always the gentleman, Chippy let his new lady friend take the first few bites. Chippy and Lola Share Watermelon Chippy knew the date was off to a great start when Lola mentioned that he had some extra watermelon on his snout; and an even better start, when she graciously offered to clean it off of him. Watermelon Kiss After some relaxing and basking in the glow of new romance, Lola sadly had to head home, leaving a lonely Chippy by the shoreline. Lonely Chips Club Band As the sun set and the day came to a close, Chippy reminisced about his adventure to Fire Island—most of all, about his new friend and the watermelon they shared. He wondered, Would she call? Don’t worry Chippy, if not, there’s always another adventure (and girl) just around the corner.

Chippy misses Lola

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