The Adventures of Chippy Part 1: Williamsburg

Chippy the Squeaky dog

This ceramic dog is living, yo.

Sure, he works the same 9-6 like the rest of us, splitting time between his work as our vigilant mascot, head of security and as Director of Intern Procurement, but there’s nothing typical about a day at work with the Squeaky family. As a minority+woman-owned agency with 30 employees representing 20 countries, we’ve got a real melting pot in our loft. Together in the office, we churn out great design and development work, cook extravagant lunches (slow-roasted pork, mmm), and churn out even more great design and development. But when we leave the office, each of us is living the life that this great city (+NJ) has to offer. There are some interesting recaps we hear about every Monday morning, and since it’s a shame to leave Chippy in the office with Cuca alone, we’re starting up an ongoing series to show you a glimpse in the life of a Squeaky employee through the eyes of our beloved Chippy.

This week in Chippy’s adventures: Williamsburg, Brooklyn.

Chippy in Brooklyn

Chippy’s been itching for some fresh air, so we had one of the Squeaky clan, Yulhee Cho, take him home for the weekend. She thought he could use some hipster introductions, so off to Williamsburg they went. Here are the adventures of Chipster (get it?) in Brooklyn.

We started off in Park Slope and made our way up via the slowest trains. R to the G? Chipster is not impressed.


Went to Le Comptoir for some brunch. TIP: $26 prix fixe for unlimited mimosas or bloody marys + 1 main course.

Chippy at Le Comptoir for brunch

Continued mimosas. Flirtation ensued.

Chippy flirts with Brooklyn girls

Went over to Momofuku Milk Bar for some dessert. Crack pie and compost cookies, mmm.


Got a shave at Persons of Interest.


Mmmeat! Hanging out with the guys and gals of the Meat Hook at Brooklyn Kitchen.


Find more photos from Chipster’s adventure on our Facebook page, and check out all the places he went on this Google Map.

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