Squeaky Wins Silver in 2012 Best in Biz Awards!

Squeaky Wheel Media

Squeaky has been recognized by the 2012 Best in Biz Awards in the ‘Best Places to Work’ category! And rightly so, just ask any member of the team.

At Squeaky, we pride ourselves not only on our work, but also our exceptional company culture. As a diverse team, we all bring unique insights, experiences and knowledge to the table. However, employees share one common thread: we are extremely passionate about the work we do and we recognize, respect and play to each others’ strengths. At a small agency, everyone needs to be more than just a title; from interns (aka Wonder Kids) to management, everyone’s opinion and creativity is respected.

So why does this mean Squeaky is the Best Place to Work? It proves we are firm believers that our diversity and company culture fuel our innovation, and innovation fuels everything we do.

To give you an idea of what a typical day is like at Squeaky, the following is a quote from a Squeaky employee:

“Walking out of the elevator you are greeted by a porcelain dog and Cuca (our bird) dive-bombing to say hello. The scent of freshly made marinara sauce fills the loft as our CEO prepares lunch for all 30 employees. Then the ringleader of the bunch comes to greet you with a coy smile and a big burly hug. This is the boisterous personality of a man that’s half Puerto Rican, half Italian and all charisma. Confident and humble, our CEO, Anthony carries with him a sense of swag that seems to spread throughout the entire staff.

Instantly you feel as if you’re amongst family—and that family atmosphere delivers in spades. Every birthday is celebrated with cake and buoyant singing, company milestones are ushered in with dinner and drinks for everyone, and full-staff bike rides are like a Sunday in the park, except on a Tuesday. Our family also emphasizes a healthy lifestyle; the running club meets every day before lunch, Anthony included.

If you find yourself along the West Side Highway, stop by the Squeaky loft—but be warned: once you step off the elevator, you might not want to leave.”

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